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  • 1Take My Breath Away  Berlin  
  • 2Tropicana  Ratatat  
  • 3Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic  The Police  
  • 4(I Just) Died In Your Arms  Cutting Crew  
  • 5Ants Marching  Dave Matthews  
  • 6Steal My Sunshine  Len  
  • 7This Love  Maroon 5  
  • 8Back 2 Good  Matchbox 20  
  • 9To All Of You  Syd Matters  
  • 10Careful  Guster  
  • 11Wake Me Up When September Ends  Green Day  
  • 12Californication  Red Hot Chili Peppers  
  • 13Gone Going  Black Eyed Peas  
  • 14Boulevard Of Broken Dreams  Green Day  
  • 15Someday  Nickelback  
  • 16The Middle  Jimmy Eat World  
  • 17Bittersweet Symphony  The Verve  
  • 18Wonderwall  Oasis  
  • 19Holiday In Spain  Counting Crows  
  • 20If You're Gone  Matchbox 20  
  • 21Satellite  Guster  
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