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  • 1Love You 'Till The End  Pogues  
  • 2Lap Dance  NERD (The Neptunes)  
  • 3Hide And Seek  Imogen Heap  
  • 4North American Scum  LCD Soundsystem  
  • 5Hear You Me  Jimmy Eat World  
  • 6Balloons  Foals  
  • 709 - Young Lust  Pink Floyd  
  • 8Cheating Gets It Faster  Jimmy Eat World  
  • 9If You Don't, Don't  Jimmy Eat World  
  • 100GenesisThe Lamb Lies Down On Broadway    
  • 11Back In New York City  Genesis  
  • 12Gone  Pearl Jam  
  • 13Precious  Depeche Mode  
  • 14She Loves Everybody  Chester French  
  • 15Personal Jesus  Johnny Cash  
  • 16Welcome To The Machine  Pink Floyd  
  • 17Hurt - Johnny Cash  Stevel88  
  • 18Dogs  Pink Floyd  
  • 19Better Man  Pearl Jam  
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